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Chiropractor adjusting patientSpinal adjustments are one of the cornerstones of chiropractic care and a standard method for treating back pain and restoring mechanical function to the musculoskeletal system in patients. At Madorno Health, serving the community of Marlton, NJ, Dr. Mike Madorno and his team offer a personalized chiropractic plan, including spinal adjustments to suit your individual needs.

What Is a Spinal Adjustment?

A spinal adjustment, also called a chiropractic adjustment, is a non-invasive and natural method of moving parts of the musculoskeletal system like joints and vertebrae back into place using controlled force by hand or instrument. This method helps restore your health by improving mechanical function and activating your body’s intrinsic healing system.

When a joint or vertebra is out of place in your spine and not functioning correctly, it may also be referred to as a subluxation that impacts the nervous system.

Are Spinal Adjustments and Spinal Manipulation the Same Thing?

Spinal adjustment and spinal manipulation are not the same things. A spinal adjustment is a targeted and precise procedure restoring function to a specific area, while manipulation focuses on the spine in a nonspecific manner.

Spinal adjustments correct subluxations while spinal manipulation loosens the spine and provides short-term pain relief. Spinal adjustments are perceived to be the more forceful chiropractic technique of the two treatments. Still, there are several ways to perform an adjustment, including a method called gentle chiropractic adjustment for those who are opposed to the popping and cracking noises and the younger family members where more forceful techniques are contraindicated.

Benefits of Spinal Adjustments

Dr. Madorno at Madorno Health, serving the Marlton, NJ area, wants you to know that some of the benefits of spinal adjustments include:

  • Restoration of joint mobility and function
  • Reduction of inflammation impacting the nervous system
  • Improving nervous system function
  • Short and long-term pain relief
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improves overall health and quality of life by improving your ability to move and reducing pain
  • Routine chiropractic adjustments may help prevent injuries and help to maintain long-term mobility.

What to Expect from a Spinal Adjustment

A spinal or chiropractic adjustment will only be performed if necessary after a thorough physical examination and review of your medical history. The adjustment will be quick and require short, forceful, controlled movements.

You may experience temporary pain afterward as the body heals. Still, complementary chiropractic methods, including massage therapy, may help with the use of OTC pain relief medication.

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