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I had very bad headaches and neck pain before I started getting chiropractic help.  It was interfering with my life because I wasn’t able to do things that I would have been doing if I didn’t have a headache.  I tried prescription medicines but they didn’t work.  I heard about your office from my doctor and he sent me to get looked at.  Since I have been getting the chiropractic help my headaches have not fully gone away, but I don’t get them as much as I used to.  If I do have a headache the pain isn’t really as bad as it used to be.”

Nicolette (age 16)

“As a result of a car accident, I suffer from lower back pain, which causes numbness and tingling down my legs and neck pain which causes headaches and shoulder tenderness which extended to my fingers.  The pain caused lack of energy and sleep....My family physician referred me to Dr. Madorno and so far with 4-6 weeks of care I have not needed the muscle relaxers, pain killers, or sleeping pills.  Through my care...I am feeling very little pain, numbness and tingling in my legs and hands.  My headaches and shoulder tenderness are decreasing.  My treatment with Dr. Madorno has been a big improvement with pain, sleep, moods, energy levels, as well as overall health..."

Alyson (age 38)

“Words cannot express my sincere appreciation for the concerned and friendly care that you and your staff have given me over the past six months.  I can proudly say that it has been a pleasure to be a part of your practice and it is something I still look forward to.  You have changed my life in ways that most wouldn’t appreciate until they’ve experienced the relief of discomfort and stress that you provide.  You are a true asset to your community and you should be commended.  I can tell you truly love what you do in the way you run your practice and care for your patients…Once again, thank you, and I am a genuine believer in the miracle of Chiropractic.”

Michael S. (age 37)

I came to Dr. Madorno’s office because I needed the care for my scoliosis.  I really wanted a good doctor, so I chose Dr. Madorno. I have seen some results in the short time that I have been coming here.  I have every confidence that my Chiropractic care will give me back an active lifestyle.  Talking to Dr. Madorno makes me feel confident that I am going to reach my goal.”

Margaret (age 45)

I am a 40 year old female.  My entire life I have always had a normal menstrual cycle.  One year ago if just stopped.  I am not in premenopause, yet no cycle.  The only way it would come was through medication.  I would go two months without having a cycle.  Three weeks after coming to Dr. Madorno, my cycle appeared on its own.  The following month as well.  As a woman there is no price to be put on this.”

Michelle (age 40)

After a lifetime of beating up my body and after giving birth to two children, I suffered from chronic pain in my shoulder and lower back.  I had been to other doctors prior to coming to Dr. Madorno.  One guy told me I had arthritis and I should just take Tylenol everyday for the rest of my life!!  The chiropractic care that I’ve received under Dr. Madorno’s hands has brought me significant relief of my shoulder and lower back pain.  Once again, I can run, jump and play with my children.  I can’t thank Dr. Madorno enough!”

Claire (age 38)